The power of PR

By Sian Gaskell, Managing Director, CubanEight.

I have spent most of my PR career working within the technology sector – it is a space that I love not only for the fact that tech companies live and breathe innovation but also because the companies are often led by founders with strong visions and who 100% believe in the power of PR. Most famous quote from one of the foremost tech founders is from Bill Gates when he set up Microsoft: “If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on public relations”.

So why the belief in the power of PR? I have worked with a lot of founders of businesses, some of which have gone on to become global brands, like BlackBerry and TomTom. One of the common denominators in their success was their conviction in believing that PR was essential in building up brand awareness and having it as an integral element to their strategy to engage with their target audiences. So, what is it about a successful PR strategy that makes it an essential part of any business’ growth?

  • PR can tell the story: We tell clients that they need to build a narrative – we will help them do this but it works most effectively when there is a strong vision at the heart of a business as this acts as the framework for everything to hang from. This story will often come from a personal anecdote – for example, one of our clients came up with the idea for his business after a backpacking trip with his wife and was constantly on the lookout for power for his devices.
  • We are ambitious for our clients: That ambition comes from a point of knowledge. We will always start a campaign understanding their wider business objectives and the issues that their customers are facing so that we can craft campaigns and tactics that will really resonate with who they are looking to target and placing them in the bigger picture.
  • Integrated approach: With the connected world and rise of digital, PR has evolved from its traditional beginnings to a more integrated approach – considering all channels – paid, owned and earned – and tying these all up to achieve maximum results. Content sits at the heart of this approach – whether that is a news announcement, some thought leadership or an event – and is then amplified via the different channels.


CubanEight is an agency based near Oxford. In 2017 it was named Best UK PR agency at UK Agency Awards, Outstanding Mid-Sized Public Relations Consultancy at the CIPR Pride Awards, and Small Consultancy of the Year at the PRCA Dare Awards. It is currently looking for new team members. If you are interested, contact siangaskell@cubaneight.com.

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