PAST EVENT: How to work with influencers to reach your audiences

Monday 3 December 2018, 5.30pm. Upstairs at The Jericho Tavern, Walton Street.

It’s hard to avoid the hype around influencers in PR. YouTubers have moved from having niche followings to commanding six figure sums for their recommendations, while ‘influencer marketing’ has become the buzzword for industry commentators.

But working with influencers is not a new thing. Organisations have partnered with celebrities, business leaders, and other influential figures for years, and it’s long been a key plinth of PR strategy.

Given the changing landscape, what role do influencers play in helping organisations reach their audiences; how best do we navigate the new world of online and social media influence; and how do we get the best value from our investments in this area?

By popular demand, this latest PUBlic Relations event features an expert panel made up of PRs with years of experience in influencer relations, as well as a leading Oxford-based influencer:

  • Raakhi Shah, Head of Ambassador, Influencer & Leadership Relations at Unicef UK
  • Paul Sutton, Independent Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Grace Beverley, @gracefituk, fitness influencer on InstagramYouTubeand Facebook

The event will give Oxford’s thriving PR community unique insights into identifying the right influencers to work with; avoiding some of the pitfalls of using this approach, and essential tips on developing a coherent influencer strategy.

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